Oral Pathology/Biopsy

As a part of regular prophylactic cleaning appointments, every patient receives an oral cancer screening by Dr. Diehl.  Dr. Diehl has undergone additional training in recognition and diagnostics associated with conditions of oral pathology and can provide you with a means of identifying and treating suspected lesions and areas of concern.  Upon evaluation of the site, the area in question can often be diagnosed and treated without biopsy, but on occasion, a biopsy is indicated to provide definitve diagnostics.  All biopsy samples are evaluated by the Department of Oral Pathology at the Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give our office a call at Houston Office Phone Number (713) 461-5961, and have Dr. Diehl evaluate your area of concern.

When To Be Concerned

*  Areas become painful and remain painful.

*  Ulcerations appear and do not resolve within two weeks.

*  Raised or nodular lesions that do not reslove.

*  Unusual lesions that appear more red or more white than the surrounding tissues.