Bar Attachment Denture / Teeth Today

The Bar Attachment Denture / Teeth Today treatment option provides an optimal method of full mouth restoration for the patient who has problematic teeth, or is missing all of their teeth.  By placing a minimum of four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaw, a patient can leave the office the same day with teeth mounted to these four implants. 

Denture wearers know the problems associated with having dentures.  The upper denture stays in well, but it covers the roof of the mouth effecting taste and temperture sensation.  Over time, the denture will also contribute to resorption of the jaw bone underneath it, resulting in having to remake or reline the denture.  The lower denture is the most problamatic.  It does not stay in place by suction and “floats” around.  With the Bar Attachment Denture / Teeth Today option, Dr. Diehl can help you solve these problems. 


*  No more roof of the mouth coverage.

*  Restores taste and temperature sensation.

*  Firm anchorage of the upper and lower prosthesis to the implants.

*  No more loose, floating lower denture.

*  The ability to bite into food without dislodging the denture.

*  Extremely low profile as compared to full denture coverage.

*  Very natural appearance, and patient satisfaction.

For a FREE initial consultation for Bar Attachment Denture / Teeth Today, call us at Houston Office Phone Number (713) 461-5961.

After consultation, a cone beam CT scan will need to be generated for proper evaluation and treatment planning.  This will give Dr. Diehl a three dimensional view of important anatomical structures for proper surgical planning.