Oral Management After Cancer

Being treated for cancer is quite challenging on the body.  The oral environment can be put through some difficult times during the processes of treatment and afterwards.  Dr Diehl has worked with many cancer patients and can provide you with various treatment modalities to help you optimize long term care, and comfort for the oral environment.

Cancer Treatments Effecting the Oral Environment

*  Head and neck radiation treatment

*  Chemotheraputics

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Many patients suffer from a “dry mouth” condition following cancer treatments.  Salivary stimulant drugs can be used to try and stimulate the remaining viable salivary gland cells to produce more saliva.  If this treatment is unsuccessful, the patients may have to turn to regular use of salivary replacemnt products like Biotene.  Biotene works well, but has to be used continuously throughout the day.  Biotene does have the ability to replace some of the lost salivary enzymes, which is very important.  Biotene is preferred to tap water to manage conditions of salivary insufficency.  Please use the following link https://www.biotene.com/ for more information on Biotene and their range of products for dealing with conditions associated with salivary insufficiency.